Using Baking Soda For Heartburn? Here’s Why You Should Not Be Doing it More Than You Need To

A question on many people's minds is "What is heartburn? Why do folks mistake it for heart failure?" For the layperson, chest pains mean coronary failure and a rushed trip to the hospital. Unfortunately, heartburn's symptoms have chest pains, too and therein lies the problem. A chest pain does not a heart attack make, so let's take a look at how to tell them apart.

What is heartburn? Heartburn is really part of a more complex syndrome, colloquially called acid reflux and formally called GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. A simple way of explaining it is the sphincter muscle that controls the influx of food into the stomach is defective and releases food and digestive acids into the esophageal tube and the throat.

It feels like a biting, stinging pain in the thoracic area that can disappear in a flash or can linger for a longer period. It's usually accompanied with a nauseous feeling and a "stone in the throat" that causes difficulty in swallowing. Sometimes the sufferer vomits out food or yellowish bile.

One thing that differentiates coronary failure from heartburn is that there is no biting sensation but a pressing feeling that makes it laborious to breathe. You feel dizzy and the pangs are not just centered in the chest but disperses to the upper limbs.

Any person with a previous history of elevated blood pressure should know what is heartburn and what is heart failure so as not to panic but also to be able to take care of himself. This is an important question to ask the MD so he can put you through the whole retinue of tests to eliminate any problems, hidden or previously undetected. A detailed medical history followed by a check of the blood pressure and then a session on the EKG machine. Never be embarrassed to ask such a question, no matter how silly it may sound to you, because a thorough check-up may reveal a mild heart attack that the unfortunate person may have thought was just an acid attack.

The questions "what is heartburn?" and "What does heartburn feel like?" should be followed by "How can it happen?" The main trigger to the symptoms is an unhealthy diet full of fat, spice, acid, caffeine, and chemicals. Anyone that has heartburn problems should really avoid any of these foods. Most sufferers actually refuse to make any changes despite the obvious benefits it can bring them because it's hard for them to make the adjustment. They profess not to mind what is heartburn so long as they can keep on doing what they like.

It is a popular belief that taking baking soda for heartburn can be beneficial for you. And if you ask any expert on the topic what is a good natural remedy for heartburn they will tell you that baking soda for heartburn is one the top natural remedy. But it can be dangerous if taken more that it should be or taken over a long period of time.
Because it is just like any conventional antacids that your doctor gives you, and if you have paid attention to what your doctor said, you would know that it should not be taken in excess.
When taking it in excess or when taking it regularly or over a long period of time it can cause severe discomfort to your stomach and eventually pain. You see, antacids and baking soda reacts the same when consume. It neutralizes the acid in your stomach. And when you take baking soda for heartburn excessively, your stomach will lose all the acid it needs for digestion. And to compensate, the stomach will work harder to produce more acids.
However, taking baking soda for heartburn is still a very good way to get relief, but keep in mind that it contains a lot of sodium which is not really good for your body especially if you suffer from high blood pressure.
There are a lot of other proven natural remedies that you could try instead, here are just some of them:
1. Chewing gum or sucking hard candy is a great alternative. By doing this after every meal, it helps in producing more saliva which helps in pushing the stomach acids down from your esophagus and also helps in digestion process, which in turn helps in decreasing the acid productivity.
2. Another good alternative for antacids is papaya. Papaya contains natural enzyme that helps in reducing acid and helps in breaking down foods as well. Taking them in slices as desserts are best or if you like, you can take them in juices too after each meal. However if you happen to dislike papayas, taking pills can also work.

Herbs For Acid Reflux

This is the effect of the inflammation by acid when it gets into the esophagus. You might be wondering, where does the acid come from? A brief explanation of what happens after we eat will help you answer this question. When we eat food, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid to digest it. The acid is produced by the stomach lining. Sometimes this acid may reflux into the esophagus causing the inflammation.

The stomach lining does not get affected by this acid since it has a mucus membrane that protects it. The acid and sometimes fluid leaves the stomach if the lower esophageal sphincter that connects the stomach and the esophagus is faulty. Normally food and fluids are only supposed to enter the stomach and not leave through this sphincter. Acid reflux pain is felt in the upper chest like a burning sensation. Sometimes it can be so severe that one may confuse it with a heart attack. To most people the pain is mild and it does not affect there mode of life. Acid reflux pain can be suppressed by medication. When taking medication note that you are only dealing with the symptoms not the route cause of the illness. You should therefore try to find the cause of the disease.

Acid reflux pain is as a result of too much acid being produced in the stomach and then refluxing into the esophagus. What is causing your stomach to produce the excess acid? Are you overeating? Are you eating just before bedtime? Are you eating to much of acid fruits, fatty foods or spicy foods? These are some of the causes of the acid reflux pain.

Many of us prefer to go for medicinal cures to our health problems but have we really ever taken time to give a thought to the wonders herbal remedies can do? Herbal cures are directly derived from mother nature and gives a total oneness between humans and nature. However, you do not just treat yourself with herbs for acid reflux with your own knowledge. You need to consult a herbal expert to ensure that you are doing the right thing.
Herbs for acid reflux have minimal side effects unlike the medicines which have lots of side effects that can even lead to weight gain. Many antacids are now available in the market today but they only provide you with a temporal solution for there and then but do not guarantee you that the reflux will go away for good. Other remedies that one can use include some special pillows and one can even go for surgery if the problem is so severe.
Some of the herbs that can be used for acid reflux include fresh black pepper, common spice among the Indians and which is used to garnish many meals. It aids in food digestion and comes in powder form. There other one is the Pimpali which improves the digestion levels and detoxifies the digestive system. It is the best cure for stomach ulcers.
Some more herbs worth mentioning are the ginger roots, which among the oldest curatives herbs and which is mostly used as a tea flavoring ingredient and is also used for spicing food. Jasthamadh is a sweet curative powder, also used in tea or can be take on its own. Amla is an anti oxidant which performs other numerous functions like keeping the skin healthy besides treating acid reflux.

Natural Home Remedies You Might Not Heard of Yet to Get Rid of Heartburn & Acid Reflux

Treating gastric reflux from a natural medicine perspective. Often when acid comes up from the burning in your throat after eating or in response to an emotional crisis can be caused by GERD. How can that happen? At the top of your stomach is a muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which normally opens and closes allowing food to enter the stomach? It prevents the acid in your stomach from backing up into your esophagus. One out of every ten people have the disease and suffer from the pain of heartburn every day.

1. Look for foods or food combinations that may be triggering the digestive upset. Suggestion: Keep a food diary for two weeks and record all food and drink ingested and the time it was taken.

2.Are you getting too fast or not chewing your food to a pulp? Suggestion: Time how long or the number of times you need to chew a bit of food to turn it to liquid in your mouth before swallowing it.

3. Eat small, frequent meals.

4. Are you eating to close to bedtime? Eat lightly. If you are eating meats or complex proteins within 3 hours of retiring, your food will rot in your stomach and cause indigestion.

5. Are you getting this burning at certain times of the day or night?

6. Are you staying up too late and not getting enough quality deep sleep to allow your digestive system to completely relax at night? From 11PM to 11 AM all your digestive organs actively try to balance their energy.

7. Have you checked the side effects of your medicines or supplements to see if they are in some way upsetting your system?

8. Wear loose natural clothing that breathes. Constriction can cause discomfort to an all ready bloated digestive system.

9. Maintain a healthy weight through proper food intake, exercise and deep breathing daily.

10. Do not lie down flat on your back after eating simply reclines on an angle.

11. When you go to sleep at night lie on an angle or on your left die if that is comfortable to ease stress on your esophageal tissues

12. Check with your homeopathic practitioner from constitutional remedies to help GERD

13. The following is a list of other herbs and supplements that have been used for relief of digestive upset.

14. Avoid fried foods, red meat, coffee, hot peppers like cinnamon, chile, red meat, peppers, mustard, alcohol, citrus, plums and tobacco.

15. These foods, supplements and herbs may help heal the inflamed tissues (if the person is not sensitive to them). Moist watery foods like watery soups, gruel of oats, barley or rice, honey, water, banana, avocado, tofu, soy milk, soured milk or yogurt, goats milk products, spinach, cucumber, cabbage, potato, seaweed, chlorophyll rich foods,

slippery elm, marshmallow, red raspberry and flax tea, chamomile tea if the person is not allergic to ragweed, Aloe vera avoids if pregnant or have a history of kidney problems

essential oil - Massage a drop or two topically on. stomach to soothe digestive problems

**Always seek medical advice if the burning persists.

There are a myriad of ways to cure and treat acid reflux and heartburn. The most common of which is by taking over the counter medications and doctor prescribed pills. If you are suffering from chronic heartburn or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) for a long time, you should be aware that there are natural remedies available for you in order to prevent it. This article will show you a few of the natural remedies that have worked for me. Try it for yourself as you have nothing to lose. These are all safe home remedies, you might already have one in your pantry now.
Instead of taking antacid when you feel the burning sensation behind your chest bone, try taking a mixture of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 8 0z of water. You can add honey so as you can dilute the taste of the vinegar. I have tried this myself and it actually provide instant relief to me every time I feel a heartburn coming. I literally said goodbye to my Zantac after discovering this miracle e cure.
Another remedy that works great for me is yogurt, specifically the Activia brand. Every time I feel bloated, I would eat yogurt (strawberry being my favorite flavor) and in a matter of minutes, I would feel the gassy feeling in my stomach fading away. Not only that, eating yogurt on a daily basis has been beneficial to my over all digestive system.
Papaya fruit is another natural remedy that has work wonders for me. I take it in the form of papaya shake mix with vanilla yogurt, crushed ice, fat free milk and a little bit of honey for added sweetness. It has the same effect on me as yogurt giving me relief every time I feel gassy or bloated.
One to two teaspoon of baking soda mix with about 8 oz of water is also effective for neutralizing the acid within the stomach. If you belch after taking this solution, then its a good sign.

Prevent Acid Reflux With Fermented Foods

You are not alone if you are asking "why do I have chronic heartburn?" Millions of people suffer from chronic heartburn. The incidence is rather high, so it must be that the causes are relatively common since so many people suffer from it. There are three causes that are thought to bring on this condition that most people will relate to.

The most common terminology for this condition is "acid reflux" because that is what causes heartburn; stomach acid rising into the esophagus so what causes the acid to rise?

If you over eat often enough that will cause the acid to rise and leave you wondering "why do I have chronic heartburn?" Your stomach becomes to full and pushes the acid up into your esophagus when it does not have enough time in between meals to process the food through digestion.

Certain foods are thought to cause heartburn as well. These foods include dairy products, spicy foods, heavily seasoned foods, coffee and acidic foods. Dietary restriction may calm the condition as well as the use of enzymes to improve stomach digestion.

Many heartburn suffers smoke! Although there is no proven cause of this condition there is some correlation that people who smoke suffer from chronic heartburn twice as much as people that do not. Why do I have chronic heartburn may be only one of the questions you are asking if you smoke or live with a smoker. Smoking has been linked to over 20 diseases, so if you smoke stop! If you are around smokers ask them politely not to smoke around you, if they refuse find new people to be around.

The best solution to chronic heartburn is to figure out the root cause, since anything else is simply a band-aid solution regardless of whether its natural or pharmaceutical. For natural treatments you can consider Betaine and plant based enzymes.

Why do I have chronic heartburn can be serious enough to warrant surgery to fix the damages, if you suffer from this condition you need to take the steps necessary to improve your condition.

We have a new 23-year-old addition to our work family. His name is Reid and he works in our finance department. Reid is a strapping and healthy looking young man. You would never think that he wasn’t in perfect health; but illness wears many hats and can slowly tear down your health. I have the pleasure of working with Reid every day, but have not yet sold him on our healthy life style. Reid enjoys and embraces our baking and food preparation for lunch, but that’s about as far as he’s embraced our way of a healthier lifestyle.
Well, Mama Yapp was cleaning the office and actually looking for dirty cups and glasses to wash. I love a clean office! While I was wiping off Reid’s desk I noticed this wonderful young man had a package of Rolaids sitting on his desk and it was almost empty! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK! This poor guy was suffering in my office and I had no idea! I know handling our finances may be challenging at times-especially, as a new growing business-but knew that there was more to his acid reflux than stress. There’s been a problem brewing for years-maybe even since childhood.
Poor and/or inefficient digestion leads to low stomach acid and is the main cause of many ailments. If you think I’m exaggerating, here is a list of complications associated with low stomach acid:

Does excess acid cause acid reflux?
It’s funny how people assume acid reflux is normal and not the serious issue it truly is. As
points out, just because a lot of people take anti-acids, that doesn’t make it healthy. In fact, a healthy gut is actually very acidic and it’s people with
levels of stomach acid that often have compromised immune systems. Why? Because low acid levels promote the growth of sugar and other bad bacteria in your gut. This interferes with your body’s ability to digest efficiently. So even if you eat whole organic foods, thinking you’re being healthy, you may not be addressing the real problem. Low stomach acid turns any fruit you eat into sugar and feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. Unfortunately, this makes your body crave carbohydrates and more sugar causing even more damage. It’s a vicious cycle that causes much harm to your body. Acid reflux is really a sign of poor digestion and may lead to malnutrition! The Weston Price Organization states eating fermented foods improves digestion, supplies live enzymes and adds good bacteria to support digestive health and reduces acid reflux.
That’s an awful lot of over-the-counter and prescription medicine being sold. No wonder Big Pharma prefers medication rather than natural healing prospects.
suggests that replenishing your good gut bacteria with fermented foods is one of the first steps to take in healing acid reflux. Many people believe that eating yogurt will help, but he cautions against eating store bought processed yogurt as it is high in sugar and low in live probiotic cultures. Any dairy causes inflammation, so yogurt is just not effective. Dr. Mercola states that there may be very few instances where medication is needed on a
basis. Unfortunately, many people stay on medication for years. Consuming acid reflux medication over a long period of time increases your chance of:

Acid Reflux is more than heartburn and doesn’t stop at the stomach.
Did you know that there is a
between acid reflux and the colon? In a recent study comparing people diagnosed with acid reflux and those diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), 34% of the acid reflux patients also had IBS. Interestingly, 64% of those first diagnosed with IBS also had acid reflux. There is a definite overlap between the two diseases. Researchers are still trying to figure out which causes which, but to me it’s like what came first-the chicken or the egg? Does it really matter? The fact is that both acid reflux and IBS are painful diseases that can be healed with the help of fermented probiotic foods! We need to balance our gut bacteria and replenish live enzymes and amino acids to help our digestion and our health.
Yes, I know, I went there again. But it’s true! Heal your gut; heal your body. Heal your gut; heal your brain. Heal your gut; heal your life! Seriously, heal your gut and you heal your blood, skin, heart and the list goes on and on! It’s exhausting repeating this so many times and I know I may sound like a broken record, but I will keep saying it until my last breath! Sadly, I know many people who suffer from acid reflux. For example, my nephew Tim has been dealing with this most of his adult life and now has to sleep sitting up in a recliner bed. When you don’t catch it early enough, much damage may occur.
So after Reid learned about gut health and acid reflux he decided to drink the proverbial glass of Kool-aid (or should I say fermented foods) and come over to the green side. He left the office that day determined to begin the journey to heal his acid reflux, gut and health. Because Reid has had acid reflux for so long, I know that he’s not getting enough amino acids he needs. Fermented foods will not only replenish his good gut bacteria, but give him the amino acids his body needs to digest and perform at its best. We’ll be sure to update you on his progress!
But it’s about much more. It’s about you, your parents, your children and your friends too. It’s about
you care about! Be your own warrior and learn about the real causes of acid reflux and the importance of replenishing live enzymes, amino acids and good gut bacteria. How are you going to get your life and the lives of your loved ones on the road to health? From the inside out, it all centers on your gut bacteria! Is your gut waving a red flag?
Let the healing begin…
Tamara Yapp

Apple Cider Vinegar As Heartburn Treatment

You may have never put the two together but acid reflux and back pain can be connected. Whether they present themselves together or separately, the pain can be excruciating. Understanding the connection will help alleviate symptoms.

Acid reflux is the result of acid rising up the esophagus from the stomach. The acid is necessary aid to digestion but it is supposed to stay in the stomach where it is produced. When the flap at the top of the stomach is not working to keep the acid there where it belongs, acid reflux occurs.

The pain and discomfort caused by acid reflux can range from mild heartburn to severe stabbing pain. It might occur only occasionally and can be remedied with over the counter medicine or it might be a daily problem that requires a prescription to ease the pain.

Acid reflux pain can range from very low in the abdomen all the way up the chest. The pain radiates so that unless you are aware of having the condition, you may not even be able to pin point is origin. In addition to the stomach and chest, the pain sears at your sides like a cramp and up your back and neck. The upper back and neck pain is most commonly described as stabbing and it feels like you are being stabbed through the chest and out the back and shoulder blades.

When the back pain in question is lower back pain, more thought has to be put into the whole picture. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, however, there is a good chance that this is related to your acid reflux, as well, but not as a direct result of the actual acid reflux attack.

Doctors recommend not eating near bedtime, as well as sleeping with the head and upper body slightly elevated. The experimenting and change in position and habit puts stress on the lower back, especially if the experimenting puts your body in improper alignment. The reason the connection is not made immediately to the acid reflux is because the damage occurs over time, applying a little more strain each night, so that when the pain actually presents itself, the reflux does not come to mind. In fact, it is commonly blamed on something else that recently happened and another thought is not given to it.

The best course of action for acid reflux and the back pain that accompanies it is to eat a balanced diet and not over eat in a sitting, as well as daily exercise including yoga which strengthens the muscles in your back and stomach as well as improves your posture.

GERD or Gastro-esophageal reflux disease is also known as acid reflux. It is a condition wherein the weak LES (lower esophageal sphincter) does not properly close causing the stomach content to go back to the esophagus and in a worse condition, to the throat. Factors why people get acid reflux include poor diet, some medications, unhealthy lifestyle and bodily stress. Persistent reflux overtime may damage the esophagus causing a painful inflammation, throat problems and eventually disruption in normal breathing.
One typical symptom of acid reflux is ‘heartburn’. Most often, people would mistakenly interpret it as an episode of a heart attack but it is entirely of gastric origin. An effective way to deal with it is to take antacids. Although there are a lot of medicines that are readily available in the pharmacy that can treat the condition, natural treatment offers an equal relief and is usually safer and less expensive. Along with any treatment lifestyle modification (avoiding alcohol intake and cigarette smoking), a proper balanced diet plays an important factor in recuperating.
One natural ingredient that is considered to be effective in treating acid reflux is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar for heartburn also contains plenty of healthful benefits. It significantly cures acid reflux problems and with that, is known to be the wonder vinegar. In treating acid reflux, one should take it during meal time. To obtain best results, mix with one tablespoon in a full glass of water and it now becomes a sparkling glass that contains the magic vinegar.
Widely available in the market, apple cider vinegar is organic and unfiltered and is considered to be of great medicinal cure during prehistoric time dating back to 400 B.C. It has a calming action in the digestive system and promotes proper digestion as well. For people who hate side effects of antacids, apple cider vinegar for heartburn is the answer, no less than a simple yet powerful treatment minus the side effects.
There are important facts to know about apple cider vinegar. Being the vinegar of high quality contents, it has less amount of potassium compared to the usual vinegar. It has no sodium, no magnesium, and about 1mg of calcium and phosphorus. It is also good in maintaining normal blood pressure. So by now it is good to know that it does not only offer digestive health but as well as heart health. Plus it aids in proper blood clotting, although research studies are still ongoing today to prove such effects. By then it would be the magic vinegar for many diseases.
When finally decided to take this simple natural remedy, it would be a better option to eat high carbohydrate foods, low in fat and high in fiber as this is the recommended diet that relieves heartburn. Another simple thing to do is to reduce stress and avoid lying immediately after eating. This triggers the reflux and heartburn sensation. Taking all these simple steps will greatly increase chances of completely healing this condition.

Heartburn, Indigestion and Vomiting Are Common Stomach Problems

An acid reflux symptoms treatment aims to cure the miserable heartburn symptoms by healing the scratched esophagus and the damaged lower esophageal sphincter (LES).

But how can this possibly be done without drugs? If you know anything about natural health or holistic treatments, you will know that acid reflux is a disease that can be naturally cured with your diet and different lifestyle changes. And you might not ever have to take an antacid again!

Obviously, you know the symptoms of GERD also called acid reflux. Heartburn is the primary symptom of this common disease that affects one in three adults. It is characterized by a burning sensation coming up from the stomach to the chest and the throat.

GERD symptoms include the following: pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen; fullness in the stomach; and nausea after eating. Most of the symptoms will occur after a heavy meal, while you are bending over, lifting something, lying down and most of the times at night.

Though these symptoms can be cured! It is important to focus on healing the esophagus and sphincter.

Without too much medical lingo, the esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter (LES) are the reasons you are feeling the consistent heartburn pain. If you allow the body to heal the esophagus and LES, you will never have heartburn again. Thus, you will never have to deal with the annoying symptoms.

The esophagus is the tube that carries food to the stomach. You most likely have a damaged esophagus because of the regular stomach acid being regurgitated up the esophagus. The good news is that the esophagus tissue is very resilient and new tissue cells can regenerate in days!

The LES is the muscle flap above the stomach that keeps food, acids and gases in the stomach. Due to regular wear and tear, the LES can become weak and damaged as well. Without a tight seal on the stomach, the sphincter will allow acid and gas to enter the esophagus. Thus, causing the acid reflux symptoms. The goods news is that the sphincter can be strengthened and fully functional.

Let's face it, it stinks having to regularly buy antacids! Not to mention that they can only be safe to use for 14 days straight. After the initial 2 weeks, you should discontinue taking the antacids for serious health complications.

And you can naturally treat heartburn and never have to take an antacid the rest of your life! Here are 5 acid reflux symptom tips!

Did you know that drinking water after every meal or food consumption will allow the sphincter to create a tight seal. The sphincter will then trap the acids and gases in the stomach. We recommend drinking a whole glass of water after every food consumption.

Did you know that scratching your esophagus is a major part of your problem? You should eat soft foods for a period of 2-3 days to allow the esophagus tissue to rebuild. We also recommend avoiding coffee, spicy and acidic foods during this time.

This common natural remedy has even been found in pyramids dating 3,000 years back! Obviously, honey has been around forever but did you know that there are unexplainable healing powers in honey. Honey has been shown to increase cell reproduction which could cause the esophagus and LES to fully heal. We recommend taking 2-3 teaspoons daily.

My dad carries a slice of apple everywhere he goes! Why? To discover how an apple a day has literally saved my dad's life, please visit our

website today.

Not what you are thinking! But, actually training your LES muscle to become stronger and form a tighter seal on your stomach. Using 3 different exercises you can actually cause the LES to become strengthened. Begin by tightening your core (ab) muscles while using both hands to push down under the rib cage. Like all muscles, the sphincter can also be trained or strengthened. To learn more exercises please visit our website today.

Imagine having everything you need to know about acid reflux and curing it with natural health! What vitamins? What supplements? What herbs? What sphincter exercises work?

To discover an acid reflux symptoms treatment that works in 24 hours, please check out our Acid Reflux Remedy Report today. We offer a 100% guarantee on a cure that works in minutes! To take a free 3 minute acid reflux analysis quiz that could help you determine your heartburn cause, check us out today!

Most people are bound to suffer from one kind of stomach problem or another. There are dozens of different disorders, but the problems that people most frequently complain about are indigestion, vomiting and heartburn. Each of these conditions has its own set of causes, symptoms, and treatment options.
Possibly the most common stomach problem in the world is vomiting. This condition can be triggered by any of a large number of causes, including viral infections, excessive alcohol drinking, over-fatigue, and pregnancy.
When you vomit frequently, your body tends to lose huge amounts of fluids. This can eventually lead to dehydration, which can be a root of several more serious health conditions. It is therefore very important to replenish your body’s fluids by drinking a lot of water. Even if you think your body is just going to reject the water that you drink, you still have to make an effort in avoiding dehydration.
Another common type of stomach problem is heartburn. Excruciating pain and tightness in the lower chest is the most common symptom of this illness. For some people, the pain may be nothing more than a mild cramp that will soon fade away but for others, the relentless pain can last for several days, or even weeks. Heartburn is usually caused by the type or amount of food that you have eaten in the past two days.
When you overeat or consume extremely spicy foods, the intestinal muscles tighten up, preventing the food from being released out of the stomach. This spurs the stomach to produce more acid, which will then rise to the esophagus and result in the burst of pain that we know as heartburn.
Heartburn and other similar kinds of stomach problems can usually be treated by taking an over-the-counter antacid. This medication will bring the acidity down to normal levels and eventually get rid of the pain and discomfort. For more serious problems however, you might need to seek professional treatment.
Stomach problems can turn into more severe medical conditions if not given immediate and adequate treatment. Prevention of these illnesses is usually much simpler than getting treatment. In fact, all you need is to eat a healthy diet everyday, take in lots of fluids, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. These good health habits will significantly reduce your risk of developing serious problems, while improving your overall physical condition as well.

Heartburn Information – The Causes and Effects You Always Wanted to Know

Do you suffer from acid reflux disease and you just cannot take it anymore? This can literally change the mood of your evening or day and make you not want to be out in public anymore. It can put you into your bed much earlier than you would like because you just want it to be over. Here is a common heartburn treatment that you might have already tried and one that will actually cure it.

First, if you have gone to your doctor for this disease, then you know how antacids taste and you know that the medicine they give you only helps temporarily. This is not what you are after and besides these medications can actually make your heartburn worse in the future and that would not be something to brag about.

Second, you can use the at home heartburn treatment that includes diluting apple cider vinegar with water and drinking it about a half hour before you eat. This will help lessen the chance that you actually have an attack of acid reflux, but it will not cure it. Plus if you eat three times or more a day that is a lot of vinegar to have to drink just to get rid of heartburn.

Last, you can actually get a cure that is not a heartburn treatment. There are many guides you can find on the internet and in bookstores that will help you discover how to cure this disease. These guides will not be telling you what you have to eat to avoid it and what you cannot eat. Instead they will help you get rid of heartburn for good so that you can enjoy any foods you want.

Heartburn is commonly described as a disorder that causes a burning sensation in your chest, and there are millions of sufferers. It’s probably named such as the burning sensation is near where the heart is located. In some cases the pain may be quite severe, and may last for a few minutes or even in some cases hours. This should not be confused with some real heart problems with a similar burning feeling. Some medical conditions like diabetes may cause heartburn.
At the opening between the esophagus and the stomach a valve or gate is situated which opens to let food in from the esophagus to the stomach. After food has been swallowed and enters the stomach the valve closes. If the valve is weakened and does not close properly, stomach acid or strong digestive acid from the stomach will make its way up the esophagus and irritate.
Heartburn is also known as acid reflux. The condition occurs when acid or contents of your stomach back up in the gullet or (esophagus). The pain occurs usually after a large meal, lying down, or bending over and can be accompanied with a bitter or sour taste in your mouth and throat. Heartburn is sometimes known as indigestion, sour stomach, acid regurgitation or pyrosis and can play havoc with sleeping, swallowing, burping or bloating, and in some cases chronic cough and choking episodes.
Heartburn can be controlled by over the counter medications or changing you’re eating habits. It is known that 90% of Heartburn cases are caused by diet. Fatty foods, fried foods, chocolate, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato sauces, peppermint flavoring and spicy food can all cause heartburn though everyone seems to have their own trigger. Alcohol, red wine, caffeinated drinks and tobacco may also be a trigger.
If you are overweight there would be pressure on your stomach and this also will cause heartburn. For this reason 50% of pregnant woman may experience heartburn due to the extra weight of the baby against their stomach.
If heartburn can not eliminated by medications or a change of diet it may be a sign of a more serious problem. It may be helpful to keep a log of the foods you ate when heartburn occurs. Any stress that interrupts your digestion may be the on slot of heartburn. If all suggestions to relieve heartburn fail, consult your physician.

Heartburn Treatment Is Close At Hand

Experiencing acid reflux and esophageal spasms is no picnic. Anyone who has felt the scorch of heartburn does not look forward to its return. To help control acid reflux and reduce the risk of heartburn, there are many natural techniques sufferers can try such as watching their diet, and managing their weight. When it comes to managing weight, exercise plays an important role. Unfortunately, some exercises can actually cause acid reflux.

Exercise does not commonly cause heartburn, but for those who suffer from chronic acid reflux, heartburn may occur, especially when engaging in high-impact and jarring exercises such as jogging, or for athletes who take part in an intense fitness regimen. Furthermore, stomach exercises also seem to cause acid reflux in certain people.

It appears that symptoms of GERD that are induced by exercise occur due to the excessive contraction of stomach muscles. Some exercises cause stomach acid to travel back towards the esophagus, which tends to result in heartburn, shortly after exercises have been completed.

Even though there is a risk that you may experience heartburn either during or after you perform certain exercises, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't exercise. In fact, there are many ways you can prevent exercise-induced heartburn. The following are some suggestions.

Eat sensibly before exercising - Eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein. Avoid foods such as caffeinated beverages, spicy and fatty foods, chocolate and citrus juice; foods that dramatically increase the risk of acid reflux.

Avoid exercising directly after eating - Wait 1-2 hours after you have eaten before engaging in exercise. Exercising on a full stomach puts pressure on the sphincter and increases the chance of acid reflux occurring. The sphincter is the circle of muscles between the stomach and the esophagus.

Drink water - Drink (do not gulp) plenty of water while you are working out to keep yourself well hydrated and to aid digestion. As a guide, drink 8 oz. of cool water 30 minutes prior to exercise, and sip 16 oz. of cool water every 15 minutes while exercising. Finally, drink about 24 oz of water when you are finished. Note: the amount of water you drink may change based on the intensity and length of your exercise.

Tone-down your exercise level - Instead of engaging in activities that require a lot of jiggling or bouncing such as jogging, or high impact aerobics (IE. jumping jacks, step-aerobics, sit-ups, etc.) - which increase the risk of acid reflux - take part in walking, cycling and swimming exercises.

Take medication - If you suffer from chronic heartburn and take medication for your condition, such as over-the-counter H2 blocker (Pepcid, Zantac, etc.) or prescription medication, talk to your doctor about taking meds before exercising if you frequently experience heartburn during exercises.

Don't forget to talk with your doctor!

If you find that exercise is causing you heartburn, make sure you speak with your doctor before you begin taking medication. Ask your doctor to recommend exercises that will cause less discomfort. If you are unable to find new ways to exercise without causing heartburn, taking medication may be the best solution.

Finally, make sure you don't ignore your body. If you experience pain in your chest when exercising, don't ignore the pain and brush it aside thinking it to be only heartburn. Pain in your chest may actually be a symptom of a real heart problem. Always have chest pain checked out by your doctor.

Remember, the risk of exercise-induced heartburn isn't an excuse not to exercise. Think about it this way. Better you exercise and take the chances of suffering heartburn which can be treated with medications, than not exercise and increase your risk of heart attack and a slew of other health problems.

While science looks to perfect a safe and economical treatment for heartburn the rest of the world goes on in its own way, with heartburn sufferers too looking for a solution. Treatments abound but it can be hard trying to make sense of it all. Many people are reluctant to see a doctor. When pain is involved professional advice is always a good course, wouldn’t it be better to have the facts?
The way to cure the problem is to pinpoint the heartburn foods that trigger an attack. Being able to relate certain foods with heartburn pain makes it easier to build a case. In other words, having pain consistently after eating certain foods gives you an idea of what the cause and effect is. Symptoms may vary from day to day and with the kind of food eaten, this can make it difficult to have a good handle on things. But this is what you need to do if you want a detailed picture. Identify the triggers that cause the problem. Rather than popping a pill whenever heartburn calls make it better by taking action.
Papaya – Heartburn, or acid indigestion, as it is also known, is a condition that can usually treated by natural means. There are natural cures that have been around for a long time. Many have come down from the Greeks and Romans. Even without clinical testing some of these make a good case by recognizing how the active ingredients interact with the body. Papaya, a tropical fruit that has been used by natives as a cure for wounds and stomach aches contains Papain, an active ingredient that works to digest meat and is commercially used as a meat tenderizer.
There are many natural cures for heartburn. Science hasn’t yet taken much interest in this but that may change soon. If you have an acquaintance who offers a cure testimonial, as a heartburn treatment, it may be a workable solution but it pays to use common sense. There is always the possibility of over dosing and interaction. For example, apple cider vinegar has been touted as a cure for many ailments, including heartburn. ACV is a citric acid being taken to cure stomach acid. There is science that supports this but no clinical trials. It works – for those with the right body chemistry.
Knowing how the stomach works is the key. Knowing how stomach acid can be a good thing as long as it does what it’s supposes to do. If someone ever suggested a home remedy like eating a banana for heartburn, you might wonder how a treatment like that could have an effect on stomach pain. But isn’t worth a little effort to find out if there is an alternative to perpetual pill popping? If the most popular remedies don’t work for you it may be hard to believe that a stick of gum could be the answer. Can a heartburn treatment be so simple? For many people the answer is yes.