How To Cure Acid Reflux – What Antacid Companies Do Not Want You To Know

If you suffer from heartburn then, like millions of other sufferers, you are probably taking some form of prescribed or over the counter medication to get that much needed relief from all the pain and distress. Acid reflux treatment generally comes in the shape of some kind of pill which you believe is the best way to get that relief.

But is your medication really the best way to treat your problem and in fact, could your medication actually doing you more harm than good?

Surely all the information that you have been given about your condition, telling you that heartburn cannot be cured so you need to take the medication to control the problem, must be right. Well is it? Let's examine what causes acid reflux and the treatment commonly given to treat it.

The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry that supports it tells you that you cannot cure the acid reflux that produces the symptoms of heartburn. So, the most effective way to get relief is to reduce the amount of acid that your stomach produces and thus control the problem.

However, there are some major flaws in this method of treatment

it is only the symptoms of heartburn that are dealt with and not the underlying causes of acid reflux

there are numerous factors that can causes acid reflux and these can be physical, psychological and environmental.

if you do not deal with all the factors that causes acid reflux, the best you can do is treat your problem temporarily.

when you stop taking the medication your heartburn returns and often worse than before (rebound).

you can become reliant on your medication to avoid this rebound.

In addition to the above you should include

stomach acid is essential for effective digestion so reducing its production must inevitably have a negative effect on your overall health

all drug based medication carries the risk of producing adverse, potentially harmful side effects.

Fortunately, having painted a rather bleak picture, where the causes of acid reflux go untreated and your heartburn continues unchecked, there is much that you can do to take effective control over your problem.

The most effective way to treat your problem is to take a "holistic" natural approach where the condition is treated as a whole and all the factors that cause it are dealt with. In other words it is the "whole person" that is treated and not just your symptoms.

This holistic approach would combine diet and lifestyle changes with natural remedies that can target specific factors, deal with them and eliminate them permanently. Furthermore, these alternative natural forms of acid reflux treatment are a safer option, because they have no side effects and are also far less expensive than drug based medication.

Are antacids the only answer to the question, “how to cure acid reflux?” No, but numerous antacid companies want you to believe that the only treatment for acid reflux, also called heartburn, are antacids.
The truth about acid reflux and your body is this! Your body has been shown to have an ‘internal intelligence’ and with the right help, is entirely capable of healing itself. In fact, many researchers have been astonished at how well some natural remedies work compared to their synthetic medication counterpart. I.e. antacids
In the case of acid reflux, you can naturally cure heartburn permanently by learning how to restore the tissue and strength of the esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter. And as antacids work to neutralize the stomach acids, natural remedies work to repair the body to its healthiest state and completely cure the heartburn problem.
Next time you go to the store, take a look at the warning on every antacid box. You will notice these small words that can literally change your life.
“Do Not Take For More Than 2 Weeks”
Part of the reason behind this is because you can actually cause more harm than help to your body. Antacids are a band-aid that will hide the heartburn problem for at least 2 weeks. However, antacids do nothing for curing the real problem, a damaged esophagus and a weak sphincter. They simply work by neutralizing stomach acid.
I have been around the health field for a long time and it surprises me how many people do not know about simple natural remedies that have worked for thousands of years. For instance, cherries are shown to cure gout! Phosphoric acid has been shown to dissolve kidney stones. Honey has been shown to repair and even regrow tissue.
And acid reflux can be permanently cured in literally days with a simple acid reflux remedy. Here are some tips for how to cure acid reflux.
You should immediately buy a journal and document your diet. This will help you lose weight but it will also allow you to see what foods cause heartburn flare-ups. You should know that softening your foods will keep your esophagus free from scratches and damage.
You can actually add muscle (actually more tissue cells) to your esophagus and sphincter with a simple remedy that has been used for over 3,000 years. One teaspoon of honey during a flare-up has been shown to relieve the pain but also rebuild and strengthen both the esophagus and sphincter.
We use this word for drinking water! About 90% of people are dehydrated and their bodies suffer for it. You can actually become healthier and prevent heartburn by drinking water. If you drink a tall glass of water after a meal you can actually wash off the sphincter to create a good seal over the stomach to keep stomach acids in the stomach.
Antacid companies are billion dollar companies because they know the science of acids (stomach acid) and bases (antacids). If you understand the science of your body and how acids and bases work, you can literally never have heartburn again. My dad discovered this 30 years ago and cured himself with one simple remedy.
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